N01 Hazel

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HAZEL (RX Prescription Color)

Fine & Clear: Rainbow Complete NATURALS has a great solid color that will be sure to give you a bold look.  They give your eyes a great color that is both stylish and fashionable.  Our lenses are very comfortable as well.  It is a great color contact lens that will be sure to enhance your style and appearance.  FreshLook, Acuvue, and other brands are no match for Rainbow Complete!  

These prescription lenses are available to help in vision correction.  The power ranges from -0.25 all the way to -10.00.

  • Color: One-tone color
  • Circle: NO circle lenses
  • 2 lenses per package
  • Daily Care Monthly Disposable


Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.0mm
Water Contents: 38%
Material: Polymacon
Certified by: FDA, CE, Health Canada


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